to be a member of "Luise Heinzl's design team" means:

  •  you love to create something outstanding with a digital printable paper pack as base for your project
  •  you love to have people around you that are willing to help and support each other
  •  you make an effort to grow your social medias / etsy shop and you are an active part of the junk journal community (like facebook groups etc.)
  • you have an active youtube channel & instagram account
  • you can handle with some weird english, because it's not my mother language....

if you say "YES!" to this, you might like to become a member of my team.


Beginning in march 2020 I will go with one of my digital printable journal kits through the month. That means I will post a link to the kit to the design team group on facebook so that you can check it out and decide if you want to work with it. 


what I expect:

  • you decide and let me know if you want to go with the kit or not 
  • you create a journal (or something else like an ephemera folder, art journaling page...) with the kit
  • you share your result on your social media (youtube video, photos etc.) and in your facebook groups (where it is allowed)
  • you are able to create a minimum of 6 design team projects per year
  • if there are any reasons why you can't finish your project in time you message me

what you will get from me:

  • minimum one digital printable kit per month 
  • reposts of all your posts on my social medias and facebook groups (where it is allowed and makes sense)
  • if you like to do more than 6 projects per year, of course you can do - and you will get the material you need
  • you are allowed to sell your finished product in your etsy shop or somewhere else
  • if you have an advertisement for your shop/sale/giveaway... let me know - I will share it!
  • free access to a folder with digital material that you can use for any of your projects

some more details about "sharing your project on social media"

for youtube videos:

  • video title: name of your journal (or of the kit if your journal has no name) + DTP for Luise Heinzl
  • tell your subscibers which parts of your projects come with the kit
  • tell them how you combined the kit with things from your stash
  • use good light when you are recording your video
  • put the following information to your description box of the video:
name of the kit + etsy shop link to the kit
what I don't want to see on your youtube channel:
  • videos with bad light or diffuse, fuzzy, cloudy not focused frame
  • videos without any talking or information about my kit or your project
  • dia shows
for instagram posts:
  • take quadratically pictures of your project that showcase your journal and the kit
  • use good light when you take your photos
  • mention the name of the kit and put @luiseheinzl to your post

for sharing in facebook groups:

  • make sure that the rules of the group allow you to share the project
  • make sure that it is allowed to share as "this is a design team project for ..."

it's highly appreciated if you would give the people out there something like a "sneek peak" of your project - perhaps you like to take some photos during your process of working and share them.


what's strictly NOT allowed:

  • to give away/sell/swap/happy mail the digital files to someone else in it's digital form
  • to print out the digital files and give away/sell/swap/happy mail the print outs to someone else
  • to use the digital files as part for your own digital artwork
  • to use the digital printable papers for a custom order journal

I don't want to say "you must have more than xxx subscribers or followers" to be a part of my team.

You have to LOVE the people who follow you, you have to be kind and I expect some communicative competence and that you are willing to be an active part of the team. Everyone of us needs an open ear sometimes. Everyone of us needs some help sometimes. I would like to encourage you to help the team growing together. 

you would like to join my team?

then please use the following form to give some information about yourself and your work. 

you will hear from me soon! 


please note: use the http:// in front of your links when you fill the form! thanks!

Hinweis: Bitte die mit * gekennzeichneten Felder ausfüllen.