help shape DEPHEMEREMBER 2023 with your input!



Take a look at the calendar! The countdown for DEPHEMEREMBER 2023 has begun! We, Barbara @49dragonflies and I, are already in the starting blocks and want to make DEPHEMEREMBER 2023 a unique December experience together with YOU. In this video, you'll find all the information, and we also have a small request for you. This year, it's not us who will be creating the prompt list, but YOU!

We're thrilled to receive your prompt suggestions!

Please write your prompt in ALL CAPS as a comment below the YouTube video (click the link above). You can suggest anything you desire except for ANIMALS and SPECIFIC EPHEMERA SHAPES (for example: tag, pocket, belly band).


Deadline for submitting your prompt suggestion: End of day, August 15th.


So, what is Dephemerember?


This series is a collaboration with the wonderful Barbara @49dragonflies! From December 4th to December 28th, 2023, we'll be showing you new ephemera ideas for your junk journal! Additionally, we have hidden plenty of freebies and goodies in our videos! And there's also a giveaway!


We're excited to see your DEPHEMEREMBER CREATIONS on social media!

Please use #DEPHEMEREMBER in your post or YouTube video description, so we can all inspire each other with amazing ephemera ideas!

You wanna use the same ring binder we use? Then you can find it here on Amazon Germany! Searching for alternatives? Check out this link!

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Comments: 5
  • #1

    Gwyn (Tuesday, 08 August 2023 19:16)

    I would like it to be more eclectic. Like each week could be a different theme. When the whole month is one theme if you don't like it you cannot participate.

  • #2

    Luise Heinzl (Saturday, 12 August 2023)

    Dear Gwyn! It will be eclectic. We don't do a different theme each week, but the ideas are very different each day. We also try to give you inspiration on how to transfer our ideas to other themes. Looking forward to craft with you during Dephemerember 2023!

  • #3

    Kathy Andrews (Sunday, 13 August 2023 19:09)

    Last year was my first DEPHEMEREMBER and I absolutely loved it. I really don't have a suggestion, but some ideas I've had for myself have been maybe having a 'draw-bag' with the alphabet (A-Z) and draw one letter - make something beginning with that letter - then don't use that letter again. Other ideas were the same but for a quote or word, an animal, a color, a whatever... LOL... so maybe something like that?. ANYWAY... Just keep doing what you do because I enjoy it soooo much. Thank you for listening to my ideas.

  • #4

    Pam Hurt (Wednesday, 18 October 2023 01:21)

    I already have my journal and I am ready to go!!! I am so excited. I have not done the actual journal from 21 and 22, but I intend to go back and do them.

  • #5

    Angie (Saturday, 18 November 2023 17:49)

    Hi Louisa

    How and where to we get your beautiful Effie image to use?